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Addendum to the Drag Racing White Book as issued by the National Technical Committee and approved by Motorsport UK

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FIA MSUK Regulations and Re-certification periods
Following the publication of the FIA European Drag Racing regulation, there have been questions raised regarding which class or category of UK Drag Racing will follow what rules and SFI re-certification period The details below are a clarification for all of our Pro and Sportsman Classes currently running under Motorsport UK permit.

Pro Modified
FIA Events only (Main Event & European Finals) Snell 2015 helmets not permitted for FIA Pro Modified events in the UK The current FIA SFI regulations for Pro Modified will only be accepted at the FIA rounds in the UK as listed above.

Motorsport UK Pro Modified Championship and Comp Eliminator A/PM, AA/PM & AT/PM
Snell 2015 helmets permitted ONLY for Motorsport UK Pro Modified events. Snell 2020 also permitted. All vehicles entering a round of the 2024 Motorsport UK Pro Modified Championship (with the exception of the Main Event and European Finals) must meet the current Drag Racing White Book SFI requirements and certification periods.

Nitro Funny Car (NFC AA/FC)
Snell 2015 and 2020 helmets permitted For the 2024 season Nitro Funny Car (NFC) will follow the FIA regulations on all certifications, with exception of those items listed within the Drag Racing White Book The use of the Electrimotion system is also mandatory from January 1st 2024 , no exceptions From January 1st 2025 the Nitro Funny Cars will revert back to the Drag Racing White Book and follow all SFI requirement there in , SFI 15.4 wheels will become mandatory on January 1st 2025 also.

Nostalgia Funny Car
Snell 2015 and 2020 helmets permitted. Nostalgia Funny car will continue to use the Drag Racing White Book as normal, the changes to the FIA rule book will not effect the class and or it's safety equipment re-certification periods.

Sportsman Classes
All Sportsman classes will continue to follow the Drag Racing White book for all rules and regulations, please note that all Snell 2010 helmets are no longer legal for competition use. However, FIA 8860-2010 are still legal until 31/12/2028 for a complete list of all available helmets for National Competition follow this link

For all classes that utilise the Electrimotion system, please remember that this is a secondary safety system, and is designed to shut down a vehicle and deploy parachutes at the relevant finish line area should the driver be incapacitated , under no circumstances should it supersede the driver's role unless absolutely necessary.

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