2021 SPRC Dinner Dance Trophy Presentation Evening - Saturday 29 January 2022

Super Pro ET

The fastest of all of the bracket classes (8.99 – 6.00 seconds) with a diverse collection of race cars, you can run almost any automotive engine combination with a range of fuels, petrol, methanol, diesel or nitro methane are commonly used, with the addition of Nitrous Oxide, Superchargers and Turbo Chargers, you will also find some very fast normally aspirated engine combinations racing and from all marques.

This class is also open to many body styles, Dragsters, Doorslammers, Altered’s, Roadsters and trucks, it’s your choice, however repeatability and being able to cut a reaction time is the aim of the game here as you dial your own estimated elapsed time prior to the run and race to match as closely as possible that dialled in time, too slow and your competitor will beat you to the finish line, quicker than your dial in time means disqualification. To race at this level you must be within a couple of thousandths on the right side of your dial in or it’s back on the trailer as you can bet you competitor will be. Super Pro runs off a .5 sportsman tree, staggered to allow for a variation of elapsed times within the class index off 8.99 – 6.00 seconds.

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